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Deliver game-changing experiences that drive operational excellence

As intelligent new technologies transform the travel industry, elevating guest experiences and expectations, meaningful innovation is the only way to stay competitive.

Award-winning Nytec IoT solutions for travel put you ahead of the innovation curve, delivering fresh, new guest experiences while streamlining your operations.


Cater to your guests’ preferences throughout their stay by providing smart, connected experiences customized according to each individual’s personal profile.


Leverage the wealth of data at your command to drive operational excellence at every level.


Our award-winning deployment of the world’s largest IoT travel system proves size is no object.

Data Driven

The rewards for data-centric personalization are real; 75% of travelers experiencing their best trips return to your venue more frequently; 81% are likely to recommend you to others.

Vince Ball
VP Product Innovation
Peter Moreno
Account Director


As millennial spending becomes a significant force in the economy, casino operators can drive new revenue by accommodating the higher-than-ever expectations of the millennial crowd.


Imagine if you could flag customers when the more popular machines become available and show them how to quickly find those machines—optimizing human traffic flow in your establishment and alleviating the frustration of customers who otherwise might leave without spending anything.

Wait staff can quickly and easily locate customs anywhere on the premises to deliver food or drink orders—increasing their tips and improving customer satisfaction. Payment capabilities integrated into customers’ wireless wearable devices make it easy and fast for them to access cash and spend more.

Aggregating, analyzing, and assimilating the data our solutions collect helps you make informed business decisions based on the behavior and preferences of your customers.

Cruise Lines

Today’s travelers are tech savvy; they bring higher-than-ever expectations to your luxury cruise. Through strategic planning, human-centric design, and seamless integration of advanced technologies, we help you create the magic they’re looking for.


It starts by connecting physical and digital experiences in subtle ways that pleasantly surprise your guests. One award-winning Nytec cruise-ship deployment uses an innovative system of intelligent sensors and readers to communicate—invisibly—with a quarter-size wireless device guests carry to activate a host of personalized services.

Nytec connected solutions for cruise lines deliver on a golden opportunity to streamline your operations while driving per-guest revenue. Our shipboard IoT systems have proven to function flawlessly over time in the harsh conditions of marine environments.


Guest expectations are off the charts. Competitors continue to innovate as rapidly as possible. A robust menu of 24-hour services is the new normal. With the right innovation partner, this situation becomes a golden opportunity.


Give your guests, fresh, personalized services they can’t get anywhere else. Surprise and delight them at every turn with extreme comfort and convenience. Statistics show they’ll return. And tell their friends.

Connected solutions from Nytec let you optimize your food-and-beverage services with real-time, location-based capabilities for finding and serving guests wherever they may be on your premises.

Real-time data not only lets your staff identify and address guests by name; it helps drive operational efficiencies throughout your resort—from maintenance to booking—saving time, cutting costs, and improving every aspect of the guest experience.

Theme Parks

When people arrive at your theme park, they want to be swept up in the fun, leaving their everyday cares and concerns at the gate. How can you present them with an experience that exceeds their already high expectations?


Well thought-out, intelligently deployed custom IoT systems are a big part of the answer. Nytec brings award-winning, end-to-end expertise to the theme-park space with solutions that enhance the visitor experience while driving revenue and operational efficiencies.

For example: Automated action photos of guests on your rides can quickly become a profit center, with packages available for purchase on your premises or online.

Rather than waiting in line for rides, visitors can check in, then have fun (and spend money) in other areas of the park while waiting for automatic notification that their turn on a ride has come.

Smart wearable technologies, time-and-location management, and artificial intelligence are just a few of the areas where Nytec expertise translates into unforgettable experiences and return business for your theme park.

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Every Nytec client project is a study in targeted innovation. Our Product Innovation Center designs, develops, and delivers some of the most recognized products in the world.

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