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When the user connection with a device or product is an effortless, intuitive experience, that’s magic by design. Our thoughtful, human-centered approach, integrated seamlessly with the right technology, moves users to say, “I want that.”


Deep user research informs every aspect of our design process to make sure the end product provides a meaningful experience.


If a device doesn’t deliver a fresh new moment to surprise and delight the user, it’s not yet ready for prime time.


Every element of every design works to connect the physical device with the end user in a way that feels intuitive and natural.


End-to-end collaboration with cross-discipline, in-house teams means integration is built in and completely transparent.

Steve Fisher
Design Director

Industrial Design

Our most fundamental discipline, industrial design (ID) underpins every aspect of the product-development process.


ID maps out the customer journey of discovery, starting with an iconic silhouette and following through to the most refined details. The product’s color, material, finishes, graphics (CMFG), and overall “feel” all flow from the ID blueprint.

Our world-class design team goes to extremes to develop empathy for the customer as we craft how he or she will experience the product. It’s a human-centric approach that creates meaningful connections between physical objects and the people using them.

Packaging Design

Outstanding products deserve memorable introductions. Our award-winning designers know packaging is the first layer of discovery in the customer journey. It’s key to the success of the new product inside.


That’s why clients look to us for packaging designs that resonate with end users by delivering on the brand promise in fresh, new ways.

We couple deep user research with an intimate understanding of the product to develop an OOBE (out-of-box experience) designed to surprise and delight users. Now they’re primed for a positive impression of their brand-new product.

UI / UX Design

Building on more than 40 years of experience, our design team knows a deep understanding of user behavior is critical to creating impeccable experiences.


Qualitative user research sheds light on how we can best craft an enduring emotional connection to the end device.

Quantitative research helps us zero in on the single design experience, among a field of options, that resonates most powerfully with the target audience.

Along the way, we may uncover hidden opportunities to develop fresh, new user experiences—all targeted to realize your business objectives.

Our Project Portfolio

Every Nytec client project is a study in targeted innovation. Our Product Innovation Center designs, develops, and delivers some of the most recognized products in the world.

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