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Deliver beyond expectations

Driving state-of-the-art equipment in Nytec engineering labs, we define and develop seamlessly integrated solutions that resolve the most complex technical challenges.

Test Driven

Every step of development is verifiable. Our tools and technical expertise help you solve the toughest problems, reduce risk, and leverage the very latest technology.


With every development capability at our fingertips, we create fresh, new experiences that surprise and delight your users.


Because we’re not invested in any particular platform, we’re free to use whatever technology best supports your business objectives.


Our process is based on end-to-end, cross-discipline collaboration, which means integration is built in and completely seamless.

Gary Skarke
Director of Sales
Vince Ball
VP Product Innovation

Electrical Engineering

From the high power of industrial equipment to the ultra-low power states and power management of the latest IoT devices—we design efficient, reliable solutions that fit the toughest form factor.

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineers have the expertise to tackle any challenge—including tricky assemblies, sophisticated materials, novel manufacturing processes, and complex stress, thermal, vibration, or dynamics issues.

Rapid Prototyping

Our fully equipped, 20,000 square-foot in-house facility lets us collect essential feedback, find failures, revise, iterate, and bring superior products to market faster—while protecting your intellectual property.
Capabilities include CNC, 3D printing, PCB fabrication, EMC testing, and water testing.

Testing Services

The Nytec Product Innovation Center features a full range of in-house testing services and equipment. We quickly test prototypes as they’re developed, creating feedback loops to ensure rapid iterations and a high-quality end product.

Our Project Portfolio

Every Nytec client project is a study in targeted innovation. Our Product Innovation Center designs, develops, and delivers some of the most recognized products in the world.

Get the Details

In-house engineers and equipment develop innovative solutions for the most complicated client projects.

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Keep up with the latest news on Nytec innovations, or browse upcoming events.

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