Micro Cities

Elevating quality of life


Approach urban challenges with intelligence

When a major urban venue—concert arena, sports stadium, conference center, etcetera—generates spikes of activity that ripple through the surrounding community, that’s a micro city.

Integrated solutions from Nytec help you turn the unique challenges that come with such environments into economic stimulus for local business. And higher quality of life for everyone in the vicinity.


Connected, interoperable systems throughout your local infrastructure collect and exchange information to drive actionable intelligence.


Through understanding the flow of business, local proprietors can staff appropriately and structure their offerings for maximum profitability.


Real-time data feeds intelligence-driven traffic systems to optimize the flow of people, vehicles, mass transit, and more.


Leveraging intelligence to manage public-health issues such as sanitation and air quality leads to a cleaner, safer environment for all.

Vince Ball
VP Product Innovation
Gary Skarke
Director of Sales

Smart Traffic & Parking

In micro cities, where traffic patterns fluctuate dramatically in accordance with activities or events at the “hub” venue, intelligent IoT systems make life easier for everyone.


Nytec connected IoT solutions pull data from different types of sensors, plus GPS data from mobile phones, to determine the number, location, and speed of vehicles in your area.

Feeding this data to a central traffic-management platform enables smart traffic lights to control the flow. Drivers can make informed routing decisions based on real-time updates the system sends to their phones or cars.

Parking becomes faster and more efficient when drivers receive up-to-the-minute information on stall availability and location. Overall, the solution minimizes or avoids congestion on your roads.

Smart Sanitation

Traditional urban waste-collection operations are riddled with inefficiency; trucks show up on predefined schedules to empty containers that may or may not be full. Intelligent IoT solutions let you move beyond this practice to a more streamlined operating model.


Sensors monitor the level of waste in containers; when it approaches a designated threshold, the sensor notifies the waste-management platform—which in turn notifies the truck driver, via mobile application, that the container is ready to be emptied.

This saves commercial customers significant dollars by reducing waste-management costs. It benefits the micro city by providing route-optimization data and operational analytics that help reduce road traffic.

And it benefits the general populace by eliminating unnecessary fuel consumption and the resulting automotive emissions—improving air quality, reducing noise, and relieving traffic congestion.

Because a cleaner environment is good for everyone, Smart Sanitation is an integral part of Nytec connected solutions for micro cities.

Smart Energy

Micro-city environments are unique in that, during brief windows of time, a large influx of people strains the area’s resources and infrastructure. That’s why micro cities are particularly good candidates for smart-energy IoT solutions.


Interoperable, connected-energy solutions from Nytec let you optimize energy distribution, reduce your operating expenses, and enhance customer service with clear visibility of power usage.

Through smart metering, our solutions provide real-time data on electricity and gas consumption—allowing providers to optimize energy distribution. Customers can make smarter decisions about their energy usage.

Nytec smart-building solutions further promote energy conservation by automating heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems to optimize power consumption while minimizing your carbon footprint.

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