Manufacturing Management

Speed high-quality products to market


Build in manufacturing efficiencies

To optimize production, we build in manufacturing efficiencies from the outset of your product’s design. An important part of our mission as we develop your product is to keep costs at a minimum and enhance the manufacturing process.


As a new product concept passes through our end-to-end in-house development cycle, close collaboration among teams ensures the most time- and cost-efficient manufacturing processes.

High Quality

Our process ensures that the customer-focused product we design and develop translates perfectly to the one that’s manufactured.


By meshing our product-development processes, we save significant time without sacrificing quality—bringing your product to market in record time.

Vince Ball
VP Product Innovation
Steve Fisher
Design Director


Good planning up front can prevent surprises. Throughout the design and production of your product, we address potential issues impacting cost, quality, flexibility, and control.


Trust Nytec manufacturing experts to help you with:

  • DFX (DFM, DFC, DFT, etc.)
  • CMF proposal
  • Tooling analysis
  • Cost optimization
  • Schedule optimization
  • Process/automation
  • Manufacturing test


Our close onsite partnership with contract manufacturers and tier-1 and tier-2 suppliers let us consult with them throughout the design and development process.


We ensure your product designs are understood and potentials issues identified before production starts. This means more accurate cost estimates, a consistent parts supply, and a good fit between your company and the manufacturer.

Our services include:

  • RFQ, RFI, and negotiation
  • Supplier selection and management
  • Supply-chain management
  • Cosmetic sample management


We streamline your launch by identifying automation and process improvements. And we make sure you get the best economies as you scale production.

With tight control on quality, we amplify your yield while saving time and money. Over the life of your product, we help you adjust materials, create special editions, and ensure production remains smooth—from launch to end of life.


Count on us for:

  • Quality control (IQC, OQC, ongoing QC)
  • Yield improvement
  • Documentation control
  • Reliability test
  • Product launch and ramp up
  • Product lifecycle management

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