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Optimize your value chain through IIoT

The hype is behind us. Real-world use cases are driving the adoption of Industrial IoT (IIoT) in ways that make sense for today’s industries.

Nytec intelligent solutions for industry take a holistic view of your operation: By connecting and refining each step of the process, we deliver an optimal, sustainable flow throughout your value chain.


Actionable data from workers, parts, and processes lets you identify and eliminate waste across your operation.


Wireless wearable devices deliver real-time data and alerts to field personnel working under dangerous conditions.

Cost Effective

Sensors measure stress and strain on equipment to alert you when maintenance is needed—avoiding expensive breakdowns.


Asset tracking tells you the location of hazardous substances and the whereabouts of your equipment at all times.

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VP Product Innovation
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Director of Sales

Worker Safety

Workers in industrial operations perform some of the most dangerous jobs in the world. But intelligent technology can help close the gap between risk and safety.

Nytec connected solutions for industry turn IIoT data—from mobile wireless devices, sensors, and other sources—into actionable insights that help elevate safety across your workplace.


For example: Strategically deployed sensors measure hazards in the environment and deliver intelligence to industrial equipment, allowing machines to detect human proximity and react appropriately to avoid dangerous consequences.

Wearable wireless technology delivers real-time data and alerts to field personnel, letting them make informed decisions and take fast action.

By channeling the wealth of data coming from multiple directions into an intelligent, connected flow, you help prevent accidents in the workplace by reducing the risks your people face.

Connected Manufacturing

With its complex processes, countless moving pieces, and demanding maintenance, modern manufacturing is the perfect scenario for IIoT. Applications include optimization of operational processes, inventory management, and supply-chain monitoring.


Through proven, connected technology and deep understanding of manufacturing best practices, Nytec solutions help you drive unprecedented efficiency throughout your value chain by transforming your operation into a connected manufacturing ecosystem.

Connecting people, parts and equipment gives you a clearer understanding of how your workers interact with their mechanical environment—letting you elevate worker safety, coordinate and streamline operational processes, and make informed business decisions based on real-time data and analytics.

The benefits are real: You achieve operational excellence, differentiate yourself in a competitive landscape, and identify new revenue streams through new, high-value service offerings.

Smart Telecom

As providers of the “connective tissue” for the IoT, telecommunications companies have access to massive amounts of data. New business models are still being researched and developed, but the IoT offers clear, immediate benefits for telecom providers.

Keep up with consumer demand for connectivity and data by developing new strategies to tap the power of next-gen mobile devices. Nytec Advisory Services help you understand this market and the role you can play in it.


Embrace new technologies such as machine data to predict failures before they happen. Better manage changing network usage patterns; predictive analytics helps you anticipate and avoid network outages when data surges during major events.

Real-world, field-proven IoT solutions from Nytec help you capitalize on changing customer behavior and expectations with sophisticated new services; meet SLAs; and achieve unprecedented operational efficiency.

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