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As bold new business models sweep through the energy sector, companies face a choice: transform their operations through strategic implementation of intelligent, connected data systems, or be left behind.

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solutions from Nytec elevate your business from end to end with advanced monitoring of usage and environmental conditions, equipment maintenance, enhanced worker safety, and streamlined operations.

Data Driven

An intelligent wireless network of sensors, aggregators, and gateways enables real-time, location-based services (RTLBS) and drives insights for superior decision making.


Wirelessly connecting every step of the production process improves efficiencies not only in your field operations, but in your business through informed decision making.


Nytec wireless systems, wearable devices, and trackers can be tailored to meet your specific requirements for workers, equipment, and infrastructure.

Future Proof

Because Nytec solutions are platform agnostic, we design, develop, and deploy the technologies that best serve your business goals—today and tomorrow.

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VP Product Innovation
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Director of Sales


An intelligent, connected IIoT system deployed throughout your mining operation helps you manage risks and drive new efficiencies while providing a safer, healthier environment for mine personnel.

  • Ensure safe working conditions and equipment reliability.
  • Reduce downtime after a blast.
  • Compress evacuation drills.


Because they help you make a real, measurable impact on productivity and safety, Nytec connected solutions are a natural fit for the unique and dangerous conditions of mining operations.

  • Monitor environmental and safety conditions.
  • Track efficiency and waste management.
  • Perform predictive maintenance to limit equipment downtime.

Oil & Gas

Upstream, midstream, or downstream—the entire oil-and-gas value chain benefits from an intelligent, wireless IIoT system:


  • Real-time data lets supervisors monitor and control the entire plant.
  • Sensors in tankers track vehicle location and health in real time.
  • Sensors in the pipeline array control and monitor the flow.
  • Smart safety drones patrol vast service areas to detect leaks.
  • Wearable wireless devices deliver data and alerts to field personnel.

Building on decades of experience in the oil-and-gas space, Nytec connected IIoT solutions let you:

  • Find leaks faster to prevent accidents.
  • Monitor your fleet anywhere.
  • Safeguard your wells, tankers, and workforce with a smart layer of protection.


As rapid innovation through IoT transforms the energy sector, utilities companies are leading the transition away from antiquated control systems toward a bidirectional smart energy ecosystem that can:

  • Elevate the productivity and safety of your workers.
  • Empower customers to manage their own utilities consumption.
  • Optimize production and eliminate waste.


Let Nytec deep expertise in connected systems and end-to-end development capabilities help your utilities operations realize the benefits of digital transformation. These are just a few:

  • Self-healing power grids automatically recalibrate themselves after an outage.
  • Smart sensors on power lines detect and isolate damaged sections of line.
  • Smart control systems instantly determine the best way to reroute power to as many customers as possible in the case of an outage.
  • Much more.

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