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Create innovative new experiences

In the brave new world of connected consumer devices, tech-savvy customers have set the bar at an all-time high: Only meaningful innovation will win them over.

Our clients come to us because we get it. From research and strategy through design and development, all the way to prototyping and manufacturing—we turn ground-breaking ideas into even better real-world experiences.

In House

Nytec end-to-end capabilities—all under one roof—ensure seamless integration of technologies with an unwavering focus on your end users’ experience.


Consumer devices that deliver fresh, new experiences tend to disrupt markets—and position your brand as an innovation leader.


Because we don’t outsource, we accelerate development time without sacrificing any of the details that win customers’ hearts.

Award Winning

Nytec-developed consumer devices have been winning innovation awards and garnering accolades for our clients for years.

Vince Ball
VP Product Innovation
Peter Moreno
Account Director


When people leave home, their entertainment goes with them; high-quality digital entertainment experiences—anytime, anywhere—are the new normal.


At Nytec, we develop wireless mobile entertainment devices to surprise and delight consumers beyond their loftiest expectations. Our innovations speak elegance and breathe quality because they’re built on a deeply researched understanding of your target market—their preferences, behaviors, and lifestyles.

End-to-end in-house capabilities let us test and select the right technology to deliver the best experience. Ongoing collaboration among Nytec teams ensures seamless integration for optimum performance.

The aesthetic beauty of our designs masks the most advanced wireless technology available, expertly engineered to function intuitively while delivering the premium entertainment experience your customers demand.

Hardware & Devices

Driven by new experiences from computer hardware and wireless mobile devices, the pace of innovation in today’s technology sector is relentless.

As an innovation partner with more real-world success delivering next-generation hardware and devices than any other player today, Nytec can help you win the innovation race.


Our end-to-end in-house expertise includes:

  • Research and strategy development
  • Conceptualization
  • Industrial design
  • Software and firmware development
  • Electrical, mechanical, and RF (radio frequency) engineering
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Testing
  • Manufacturing management

Award-winning, market-leading products—from smart wearables to sleek ergonomic keyboards—are the real-world outcomes that help our clients gain market share and drive new revenue.


Intelligent wearable technologies are personal; they travel with us through all or part of our day—monitoring us, sending and receiving information, adding color and dimension to our lives.


The depth of Nytec expertise in smart wearables is grounded in extensive real-world experience; we designed, developed, and deployed the world’s largest IoT system around the functionality of a quarter-size wearable device—pushing the boundaries of innovation while winning awards and garnering accolades for our client.

Our process in fashion-forward technology focuses on not only the functional aspects of the product, but also on how the material and related technologies interact.

Leveraging the latest trends in textile fabrication and technology (audio, video VR, AR, etc.), while testing and prototyping multiple design concepts, our teams create the perfect balance between form and functionality to serve your use case.

Our Project Portfolio

Every Nytec client project is a study in targeted innovation. Our Product Innovation Center designs, develops, and delivers some of the most recognized products in the world.

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Consumers are demanding more connected, tech-savvy devices, Nytec knows how to deliver.

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