Data starts here: Connected X.0

Most companies have a wealth of data—and exploit about 2% of it. Put your data to work creating new connected experiences, discovering valuable business insights, and be more informed to make better business decisions.


As a new product concept passes through our end-to-end in-house development cycle, close collaboration among teams ensures the most time and cost-efficient manufacturing processes.

High Quality

Our process ensures that the customer-focused product we design and develop translate perfectly to the one that’s manufactured.


By meshing our product-development processes, we save significant time without sacrificing quality—bringing your product to market in record time.

Vince Ball
VP Product Innovation
Gary Skarke
Director of Sales

Sweeping applications across industries

Data starts with devices: Sensors, readers, and aggregators collect and send data to the Connected X.0 platform, where that data becomes rocket fuel for a multitude of business purposes:

  • Hospitality/Travel—Deliver data-driven, personallized guest experiences; elevate efficiency across your operations
  • Energy & Natural Resources—Advance worker safety; track people and assets; streamline your entire workflow
  • Micro City—Transform the visitor experience at mega-venues like stadiums or concert halls; stimulate service operations
  • Industries—Locate equipment instantly; track hazardous materials and controlled substances; connect and automate machinery
  • Consumer Tech—Define innovative, connected experiences that complement consumer lifestyles; drive new consumer capabilities


Customizable to support any industry application, Connected X.0 deployments function flawlessly across extreme enterprise environments—providing the enterprise-grade reliability business operations demand.

Discover how Connected X.0 can elevate your operations and open up new revenue streams.
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