IoT Wearables

The world’s largest travel, leisure, and hospitality company had a vision: elevate the customer experience by providing guests with frictionless, hyper-personalized experiences throughout their end-to-end journey.

To turn their vision into reality, the company approached Nytec to design, engineer, and create an IoT solutions platform capable of just-in-time guest recognition, secure authentication, and a variety of unique, personalized experiences.

  • Carnival Corporation
  • 2017
  • Industrial Design
  • RF Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Firmware
  • Test
  • CMF
  • Quality Control
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Deployment
  • Platform Integration
  • Photography
  • Red Dot Award
  • Spark Innovation Award
  • IoT Innovation Gold Award

Problem Solving

Nytec worked closely with the client’s experience and innovation teams, to explore, envision, and conceptualize the customer journey.


We defined the guest journey experience and key scenarios. Nytec was responsible for strategizing, designing, engineering, manufacturing, and delivering this highly customized IoT wearable-solutions platform. Based on the client’s vision, and the strategic plans Nytec had helped to put in place, the award-winning Nytec Design team worked seamlessly with Nytec mechanical engineers to create a coin-sized, lightweight, and robust product designed to withstand extreme-use scenarios. Nytec rigorously tested and engineered this wearable to be tamperproof, waterproof, drop proof, and capable of withstanding the extreme marine environment. The world-class Nytec RF/Antenna Engineering team was able to quickly identify and solve for physical and communication (i.e., network) challenges; the right customized antenna design for the selected wireless communication protocols (i.e., BLE, NFC) means that the wearables can perform consistently in a confined, steel-structured environment. The RF/Antenna Engineering team worked seamlessly with Nytec Design and Mechanical teams to complete rapid antenna design iterations. Leveraging the Nytec in-house EMC chamber, the teams quickly tested the antenna configurations. In parallel, the Nytec Firmware team created the right embedded software to operate the wearable. Lastly, Nytec tested and qualified the new wearable to ensure it worked seamlessly with the deployed sensor networks and readers (also designed by Nytec).

The awards tell the story. The hospitality industry had never seen anything like this.

-Rand Perez, Nytec


The wearable device, along with the experience platform, has won numerous global awards, including “2018 Industrial IIoT Innovator” (to Nytec), and “Most Innovative Company in the World” (to the Nytec client).


The newly created IoT wearable device provides guests a secure and keyless entry into their cabin, a secure payment method without their wallet, and a variety of “wayfinding” features that include tracking down lost children and much more. The wearable also allows personalized interactive screens and concierge services (powered by a computer system unit designed and engineered by Nytec); guests can check their activity schedule and customize personal preferences from anywhere in the property.
It can be worn on a wristband, as a pendant on a necklace, in a clip, or simply placed in the pocket to unlock enhanced services and personalized experiences — all without pushing a button or taking any action. The experience gained from creating this advance wearable can translate to other commercial and industrial sectors, such as Oil & Gas, and scenarios where issues such as worker safety and operational excellence are critical considerations.

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