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The world’s largest travel and leisure company wanted to elevate its customer service by treating guests to seamless, personalized experiences through every facet of their journey.

They tapped Nytec to help them turn their vision into reality by connecting physical and digital experiences through a unique system of integrated intelligent sensors and readers.

  • Carnival
  • 2017
  • Industrial Design
  • RF Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Firmware
  • Test
  • CMF
  • Quality Control
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Deployment
  • Platform Integration
  • Photography
  • Industrial IIoT Innovator

Problem Solving

Nytec worked closely with the client’s experience and innovation team to define the core architecture and create a state-of-the-art sensor/network infrastructure with readers that allow the client to create a revolutionary, IoT-enabled, guest-experience platform.


Leveraging its world class RF and Engineering team, Nytec tested and refined more than 100 km of wires, thousands of sensors, readers, and additional software networking requirements that enable a hyper-personalized and frictionless guest experience. The team identified and resolved structural challenges to create a sensor network that works seamlessly in a confined, steel-structured environment.
Nytec engineers also created network accessories (the Smart T and Smart Transceiver) to refine the signal quality communicated through the existing cabling infrastructure. In addition, Nytec created and deployed a proof-of-concept (POC) antenna on-board the ship and deployed various sensors throughout the ship. The team worked within an extremely tight schedule to accomplish these tasks in record time. The team also tested the overall network infrastructure and readers to ensure they interact seamlessly with the IoT wearable (engineered and designed by Nytec) guests use throughout their stay.

The beauty of this system is its invisibility to guests.

-Vince Ball, Nytec


Nytec teams linked hardware and software to deliver a unified experience platform via an invisible network of interactive intelligent sensors and embedded devices mounted throughout the ship, homeports, and destinations.


The network is deployable on any vessel, regardless of ship age or size. Each element of the complex shipboard platform can withstand environmental challenges to reliably deliver seamless connections. The innovative Nytec solutions enable the client to create a hyper-personalized vacation experience through a guest-centric IoT approach. Nytec’s contribution on this project earned several awards, including “2018 Industrial IIoT Innovator” (won by Nytec) and enabled our client to win the “Most Smart Company in the World” award presented by the Smart Company magazine. Companies can leverage Nytec experience and expertise in building a complex sensor networks for a wide variety of other projects, such as an integrated smart-buildings project.

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