The conceptual design of the Dynaudio speaker aims to solve the issue for those that have a mobile lifestyle and want a wireless, portable speaker they can take on the go. Slender and light enough to fit into your hand, this speaker is very attractive with its softly shaped wooden base. To set Dynaudio apart, the team aimed for a modern and classy look, and still honoring its heritage. The design shows the softness of the speakers and the balance of precision of red and black.


Whether this portable speaker is sitting up or lying down, the soft, clean design will be inviting wherever you are. With the sophisticated sound of these speakers, it’s great for transmitting music in the office, for a summer picnic, a lazy day, or wherever else you happen to be. For easy, on the go access to your favorite music, this speaker can connect with your phone via Bluetooth and has a convenient USB Type-C charger. During our research phase, our team found out that the split in the speaker makes sound emulate, and the radiator helps push air through, which is great for acoustics. The bump on the subwoofer reflects the geometry of the driver beneath it, which is a signature design element, and visually indicates how the sound is radiating out. Brush hairline and grill pattern diverge from its center, which brings more focus to the woofer, a beating heart of every speaker. Also, a rising top surface locally over the woofer allows for decreasing body thickness and achieving a slimmer silhouette.

  • Dynaudio
  • 2018
  • Brand Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Photography
  • Red Dot Award
  • Sparks Award

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