Intelligent Light & HVAC Control System

The world’s largest travel and leisure company had a grand vision to elevate their customer service by providing guests with frictionless, hyper-personalized experiences throughout their journey.

To turn their vision into reality, they approached Nytec to help create an HVAC and lighting control system that delivers a new kind of guest-room experience.

  • Carnival
  • 2017
  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Firmware
  • Test
  • Quality Control
  • Deployment
  • Platform Integration
  • Photography

Problem Solving

Nytec teams worked closely with the client’s experience and innovation team, and together they developed an industrial-grade device with custom-built communication technology that lets each guest control their cabin’s HVAC and lighting setting in an innovative, intuitive way.


Nytec Design and Engineering teams defined the specifications and electrical components used to create the device. The team also created, through a rapid antenna-design iteration process, a custom-built Bluetooth-communication and Bluetooth-antenna configuration. Nytec developed, in-house, the firmware used to operate the device. In addition to the room-control system, the team added a feature to the device that lets it activate “Do Not Disturb” and “Room Make Up” signs — without the hassle of hanging a door tag. All of this functionality can be performed with or without the guest’s IoT wearable (designed and engineered by Nytec).

Guests love the ease and comfort. The client loves reducing its carbon footprint.

-Grace Thomson, Nytec


The Nytec engineering team completed the initial engineering verification process of the device, which is designed for optimal performance in harsh marine environments.


Enhanced technological features provide a predictive capability; the device can detect guest presence and activate his or her preferred HVAC and lighting settings — even before the guest enters the stateroom. The device also helps minimize the ship’s overall carbon footprint by optimizing HVAC and lighting energy consumption. This device has broad applicability across other industries, such as energy-control systems in smart buildings.

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