Intelligent Access Panel

The world’s largest travel and leisure company had a grand vision to elevate their customer service by providing guests with frictionless, hyper-personalized experiences throughout their journey.

To translate this vision into reality, the company approached Nytec about developing a panel that lets guests access their staterooms in an innovative way.

  • Carnival
  • 2017
  • Industrial Design
  • RF Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Firmware
  • Test
  • CMF
  • Quality Control
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Deployment
  • Platform Integration
  • Photography
  • Industrial IoT Innovator

Problem Solving

Nytec worked closely with the client’s experience and innovation team to define the overall user experience and, specifically, how the access panel interacts with the IoT wearable (designed and engineered by Nytec) and the guest.


Leveraging world-class RF and engineering talents, Nytec teams identified the technical specifications and customized communication technologies capable of bringing this vision to life. Through rapid antenna-design iterations, the team embedded a customized communication technology consisting of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), ISM, and RFID; this allows the panel to read the beacon (i.e., the IoT wearable, or RFID card). Moreover, the team worked closely with a major door-lock manufacturer to ensure system interoperability between the door lock and the panel. Nytec teams also developed, in house, the firmware used to operate the device. The award-winning Nytec Design team came up with a 7-inch touch-screen design for the new access panel that can be mounted easily on the wall. To ensure performance reliability, the team conducted rigorous testing (i.e., humidity, high-temperature) in-house over several days, using a specialized chamber to ensure that the panel performs consistently in harsh marine environments.

The scale and error-free performance of this deployment raised the bar for IoT solutions.

—Jeff Tedeschi, Nytec


Nytec created and deployed more than 3,000 intelligent access panels across two ships; the deployment has been functioning flawlessly in the field.


We added advanced multimedia features (built-in speaker, camera, microphone) to the design to enable future use cases such as face and voice recognition. The access panel passed the FCC and B15 fire ratings certifications. Nytec’s contribution on this project led to several awards including “2018 Industrial IIoT Innovator” (won by Nytec) and the “Most Smart Company in the World” award (won by our client), presented by Smart Company magazine. Best of all, the access panel is built to function across multiple industry scenarios, such as secure entry in a smart-workplace environment.

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