Fleet Management

Predictive Maintenance: IoT Solution & Sensor

A global logistics company was losing millions of dollars due to lost time based on mechanical failures for its transporting vehicles.
The company approached Nytec to help update an old computing device, used for tracking its transportation, with additional new IoT-based features that could enable predictive maintenance and remote diagnostics—thus improving operational efficiency and safety.

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  • 2017
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Problem Solving

Nytec provided end-to-end product development through the four phases of Discovery, Envision, Refine, and Realize to help deliver the new generation, IoT fleet-management hardware solution for the client.  Through a rapid client-alignment workshop, Nytec interdisciplinary teams defined and aligned with the client on project goals and priorities, deliverables, timeline, assumptions, and constraints.


Discovery Phase:  Nytec completed the conceptualization, rendering creation, and developed the preliminary CMF, 3D mechanical design, board outline, PCB placement and schematics, enabling component selection and creation of the BOM.

Envision Phase:  Nytec MEs, EEs, and system engineers collaborated to solidify the PCB layout and component placement, while formalizing the electrical schematics for the detailed board layout.  Nytec teams then created and executed the end-to-end test plans to ensure optimal functionality.

Refine Phase: Nytec Engineering teams worked seamlessly with the Design team to incorporate the final design changes, final testing of the RF, IP, PTCRB, environmental, CE, and all other test performance referenced by the client to deliver final 3D mechanical designs, PCB fabrication files and schematic, final BOM, final BSP Code, and final test plan.

Realize Phase: Nytec personnel built and assembled the final prototypes, formalized the final test reports, and delivered the final regulatory certificates to the client.

New predictive-maintenance capabilities save the client significant dollars and help keep the fleet on the road.

-Ben Griner, Nytec


The client quickly produced, integrated, and implemented the new fleet-management IoT Solution, resulting in reduced fleet-vehicle downtime, decreased maintenance costs through identifying potential issues before they arise, reduced spare parts inventory, decreased unplanned maintenance, increased safety, and reduced fuel costs, while improving on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction.

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