Axiom Essential Watch

The Axiom watch accomplishes three simple tasks; it enables secure access, mobile payment, and provides simple notifications. Instead of information overload and input complications, the Axiom is about making a personal statement of style and substance.

The Axiom Watch is a core component of the Axiom platform; by donning the Watch, the wearer becomes a part of a broader ambient ecology, creating personalized and seamless experiences.


We designed the Axiom Watch to bring a hybrid of modern design and classic analog styling to the wearable technology landscape. The sleek button-free design features a capacitive e-Ink touchscreen and minimalist UI, giving the wearer access to layers of functionality without sacrificing sophistication of physical form. The touchscreen is haloed by a radial dial with analog hour, minute and second hands, subtly influenced by Suprematist art and Swiss design. Radial back-lighting is responsive to ambient light levels, providing “just right” illumination to the watch features.

Digital smart features include quick notifications, wireless payment options and smart key capabilities to enable communication with other devices. Sound and vibration options allow the wearer to customize methods of notification. The watch band is custom injection molded for comfort and durability.

  • 2016
  • Brand Strategy
  • Industrial Design
  • Photography

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