Designed for a mobile lifestyle, the Audiowear concept provides users with a single wireless audio device that enables them to listen, play, work, and showcase audio in a way that fits their ‘on-the-go’ needs.


Designed to provide users with some of the most advanced sound and control technologies, while maintaining the most simplistic, minimalist form, allowing the aesthetic beauty of the product to mask the thoughtful functionality of the device. Delivering the ultimate balance between form, function and beauty.

When designing Audiowear, the team focused not only on the functional aspects of the product, but also on how the material, related technologies and the fabric interacted with each other. Leveraging the latest trends in textile fabrication and audio technology, while testing and prototyping with multiple design concepts, our design team was able to isolate the right balance between form and functionality.

  • 2016
  • Brand Strategy
  • Industrial Design
  • Photography
  • Red Dot Award
  • Sparks Award
  • IDEA

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