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We develop custom antennas for a complete range of mobile and wireless devices, saving you significant time and money by simulating, analyzing, prototyping, and testing in house.


Everything Nytec RF (radio frequency) engineers need to develop custom antennas is contained in our in-house RF lab—including a full-size anechoic chamber, where we test antennas in an isolated, nonreflective area.


The Nytec Product Innovation Center houses the full spectrum of expertise, tools, and capabilities needed to develop ground-breaking solutions to the most daunting client challenges.


With direct, in-house access to every discipline involved in developing wireless and IoT solutions, RF engineers can speed development and seamlessly integrate technologies.

Vince Ball
VP Product Innovation
Grace Thomson
Operations Manager

RF Strategy

All you need is a great idea. Nytec RF experts—with their deep knowledge of available and developing technologies—brainstorm with you to determine exactly the right technologies they need to render your idea beautifully in the real world.


For example, if your intended application is an IoT-enabled wearable device, our initial evaluation of the required antenna helps us decide on the optimum size and shape of that device.

Based on additional parameters such as the intended space, range, and infrastructure, we create the right technology, or combination of technologies, to deliver the real-world experience you want your customers to have.

Antenna Design

Antennas make the magic that drives mobile and wireless experiences; every device contains at least one. With a clear picture of the experience you want to deliver, we develop the custom technology to make it happen.


Once we determine a device’s basic form and functionality, a software-based computer simulation tool (CST) shows RF engineers onscreen how the antenna will perform.

This digital insight lets engineers refine the antenna’s design as much as possible before creating a physical prototype—speeding the design process.

RF Simulation

Leveraging the CST, our RF engineers design antennas and simulate their performance.


They can create a virtual 3-D model and run a simulation test to determine how radio signals interact with the antenna, and how a device’s form factor affects the antenna’s performance.

The CST improves and accelerates troubleshooting, helping engineers identify and correct problems that might otherwise not be detected until a prototype device is created.

This tool delivers critical insight into an antenna’s performance, allowing engineers to make intelligent design choices.

Rapid Prototyping

Antenna prototyping is traditionally a time-consuming process. But the Nytec RF Engineering lab includes every development tool imaginable.


A laser-cutting machine lets our engineers quickly create custom prototype antennas in house, based on the design specifications developed in the CST tool. By creating prototypes onsite, we can have antennas ready for testing in just a few hours—shaving days or even weeks off development time.

Our Project Portfolio

Every Nytec client project is a study in targeted innovation. Our Product Innovation Center designs, develops, and delivers some of the most recognized products in the world.

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Nytec has full life-cycle RF capabilities to solve client challenges.

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