We deliver solutions for lifestyle technologies


We make simple look easy

We make integrating Hardware and Software experiences look easy, but it takes our highly accredited design team across UX, UI, and ID to deliver the right features at the right time, making what was complex feel just right.


Complex problems require deep engineering expertise that Nytec brings to every project

Nytec has a world class team of engineers combined with on site testing and lab services, that creatively solve challenges across firmware, electrical and mechanical initiatives. We push the boundaries of technology to engineer the complete solution.


We live at the intersection of hardware and software

Through collaboration between our design and development teams, we deliver simple integrated software & hardware solutions that balance design and execution, between software and system engineering. Our developers are trained and certified to deliver the most current security and data solutions. We use cutting-edge techniques to produce solutions that surpass your expectation and help map the future.


Rapid Contextual Inquiry

Nytec leverages our world class lab to rapidly demonstrate the product concepts early in the development process when making informed decisions become cost effective solutions. Getting the best product into the hands of our clients and ultimately to the end-user is vital to creating a premium user experience.


Domestic & Overseas

We leverage our vast portfolio of global manufacturing partners to deliver the solution every time, and to the highest standards of safety and functionality. We are experts at managing complex, end-to-end, life-cycle processes that ensure no detail is left incomplete.

We deliver award-winning design and engineering solutions for lifestyle technologies. Through a tailored approach, we partner with our customers to define next-generation products and user experiences, with a focus on IoT, Wearables, Mobile Computing, Smart Auto, and Micro Technologies. With over 300 employees, we provide on-site talent, or manage the project end-to-end at our Product Innovation Center.
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Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

Industrial Design | ME | CMF

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Nytec focuses on translating complex problems into compelling and simple solutions that span hardware, software and services, truly integrating the experience. Our proven approach delivers the right product at the right time by securely managing the development end-to-end across our 4 phases from concept all the way through manufacturing.
Nytec's four phase process diagram

Hardware Engineering

Our mechanical, electrical and firmware engineers along with software developers, bring ideas and features to life. They work alongside our designers, creating and refining solutions that reduce the cost of components and materials while maintaining quality.

Industrial Design

Our award winning industrial and interaction designers create products that are as beautiful as they are intuitive. Throughout the process we tightly collaborate with our engineers, ensuring balance between form and function.

UI/UX Design

Our designers share a passion for making digital experiences as simple and elegant as possible. With our team of UX designers, we solve complex interaction problems that deliver the highest quality experiences for your end users.

Software Engineering

Our software engineers work across all forms of new devices, appliances and online services. We are constantly problem-solving and providing technical expertise as we implement beautiful, highly satisfying user experiences. Our teams work across iOS, Android and Windows, living at the intersection of software and hardware, enabling us to deliver exceptional experiences for our customers.

Rapid Prototyping

Our fully equipped 20,000 sf facility enables our designers and engineers to iterate more quickly, while protecting your intellectual property, by keeping everything in-house. Some example capabilities include, CNC, 3D printing, PCB fabrication, EMC testing, water testing.

Market Research

Great products provide the right balance of value vs. cost. Our team of psychologists and social scientists identifies the right end-users for your products and services, and then develops customized research for every project.

Hardware and Software Test

We offer a full range of in-house testing services and equipment. This allows us to quickly continually test prototypes as they are developed, creating feedback loops to ensure quick iterations and a quality end-product.

Manufacturing Management

Through years of product development we’ve built relationships with manufacturers in the US and overseas that provide the flexibility and expertise needed to deliver products of the highest quality. We have experts on-site in China to oversee production and we respond in person to any issues that arise, helping ensure your projects return the highest yields.

Full Capabilities

DOWNLOAD our full list of capabilities covering our on-site staffing solutions and our product development services managed end-to-end at our Product Innovation Center.